Order of Worship

Week Three
March 7th, 2021
Opening to Worship              Psalm 19 (the song)
1 Don’t you wonder why the stars are in the sky
they’re telling you and I of the glory of God.
And every flowering tree is there for folks to see,
So there no doubt can be of the glory of God.  
Chorus  So Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart
Do the same thing for Thee and a witness be
to the glory of God, to the glory of God…  
2 Then comes the morning sun to make the darkness run
and say that day’s begun to the gory of God
and when night winds call and the shadows fall
they’re telling one and all of the glory of God
The First Word          Psalm 19:1-6   (beginning the first story)
CALL TO WORSHIP (from Psalm 19)*
Come into this sacred space to worship God
whose teaching is perfect;
whose directions are sure.
We ome into this sacred space to worship God!
whose standards are right;
whose commandment is clear;
whose judgements are true.
We ome into this sacred space to worship God!
Come with holy fear —
to be given life, and made wise,
to have your heart stirred and your eyes opened wide.
We ome into this sacred space to worship God!
Come — let us worship God.
Let the words of our mouths and the whispering of our hearts
be acceptable to you,
Source of life,
Word of life,
Breath of life. Amen
The Second Word      Psalm 19:7-14             (the rest of the story)
Song for Prayer and Confession      Change My Heart, O God
1 Change my heart, O God, make it ever true
Change my heart, O God, make me be like you.
Chorus  You are the Potter, I am the clay,
Mold me and make me, this is what I pray.
Repeat verse 1
Your glory, O God
is declared in the holy silence of the heavens,
and told in the silent succession of day and night.
No speech, or word or voice is heard;
yet they speak to all the world,
and their words reach to the ends of the earth.
The sun joyfully leaps across the sky,
from one end of the heavens to the farthest reaches,
and nothing is hidden from its heat or light.
So nothing that we do or say or whisper in our hearts 
is hidden from you, Lord God.
Release us from the darkness we hide deep within our lives.
Let our lives be radiant with holy awe;
delighting in your teaching,
receiving insight from your commandments
and wisdom from your encouraging.
Enliven our desire for your everlasting judgments
over wealth or fame:
to enjoy the sweet drippings of the honeycomb,
that are to be found
in right relationship with those around us,
and with you. Amen.
God of covenant,
whose faithfulness and promise are everlasting:
let your Spirit whisper your faithfulness
to the oppressed and grieving;
your promise
to the ‘pushed aside’ and lonely;
and let your Word speak hope to the distressed.
Hear the cry of those who call on your name:
those we have named on our lips,
and in the silence of our hearts;
and those whose troubles are known only to you.
Share your joys and concerns, your testimonies and thanksgivings

Loving God
whose decrees are sure,
whose precepts are right,
and whose glory is wordlessly spoken
from one end of the cosmos to the other;
hear our prayer, in Jesus’ name. Amen
Hebrew Bible Lesson            Exodus 20:1-17
Hymn              I Have Brought You out of Egypt
words by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (tune Beach Spring, 369, Lord Whose Love In…)
1 “I have brought you out of Egypt,” Moses heard the Lord God say.
“I have saved you! I have freed you! people, listen and obey.
Have no other gods before me; don’t make idols for yourselves.
I will judge those who reject me; worship me and no one else.”
2 “Do not use the Lord’s name wrongly, use God’s name for what is good.
Keep the Sabbath; keep it holy; rest and worship as you should.
Honor father, honor mother; do not murder! Honor life!
Do not wander to another from your husband or your wife.”
3 God continued these commandments: “Do not steal another’s things;
And you shall not bear false witness — see the anguish that it brings.
Do not seek with bitter longing what you see across the street.
Keep these laws and find within them where my love and justice meet.”
4 God of grace, we see your promise in the covenant you give.
For your law is wise and wondrous as it shows us how to live.
Loving God and loving neighbor, may we follow where you call.
Saved by grace, may we together seek to live your gracious law.
Epistle Lesson            1 Corinthians 1:18-25
Sermon           Knowing God With Our head and Our Hearts
Hymn              From All that Dwell Below the Sky   49
Verse 1: From all that dwell below the skies let the Creator’s praise arise!
Let the Redeemer’s name be sung through every land by every tongue.
Verse 2: In every land begin the song, to every land the strain belong.
In cheerful sounds all voices raise. and fill the world with loudest praise.
Verse 3: Your lofty themes, O mortals, bring, in songs of praise divinely sing.
The great salvation loud proclaim, and shout for joy the Savior’s name.
Verse 4: Eternal are your mercies, Lord. Eternal truth  atends your word.
Your praise shall sound from shore to shore, till suns shall rise and set no more.